Jean-Pierre Marre | Painter | Contemporary Paintings


Welcome to Marre Art !

The walls of your conference room, foyer or office are empty and boring?
Do you miss individual flair in your ambulance or in your spa?
Your apartment is furnished beautifully, but there is something important missing?
Are you looking for abstract paintings in oil or acrylic at moderate prices?

The solution of all this problems are very often paintings . Relax and enjoy yourself by looking at some special pieces of art.
Choose your paintings depending on your personal taste. It will give depth and individuality to your hall.

If you are interested in contemporary art or if you have some question - please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours Jean-Pierre Marré




Jean-Pierre Marre grew up in a creative family. He is drawing realistic paintings as well as abstract ones. Especially his surreal paintings invite to have a second look and to explore the paintings more closely. His work as a painter includes a wide variety of topics. The portfolio of Jean-Pierre Marre will show you abstract paintings as well as realistic works. The artist Marre shows in its virtual exhibition a diversity of paintings in oil and acrylic .

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